Import RSS/Atom feeds on Paperoak Android

Import RSS/Atom on Paperoak Android

RSS (Rich Site Summary) and Atom are standardized systems for the distribution of content from an online publisher to Internet users. It allows users to stay informed by retrieving content from sites that they are interested in. You can read more about it here.

Importing RSS or Atom feeds into Paperoak has become much easier than ever before. You can now import content from all your favorite publications into your Paperoak account from within the app. Follow few simple steps and you’ll be up and reading in no time.

Step 1- Sign in to your Google account on Paperoak

Step 2- Navigate to Source imports from the side navigation.

Step 3- Now tap the + button at the bottom right corner.

This will bring up the import form.

Step 4- Paste your RSS/Atom URL in the given text box.

Step 5- [Optional] Choose the access level (Private sources will be hidden from other users. There is a good chance that public sources will be added to our public collection.)

Step5- Hit Import.

It might take a minute or two for the import to complete, once it’s done you can follow it just like any other source.

Note: Source Import is in beta and does not support delete or edits. However, you’ll be able to do all that when we release the stable version in the coming release.

If you are looking to import RSS/Atom on our web app, take a look at How to import RSS/ATOM on Paperoak web. Also please leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments below.