How to import OPML to Paperoak web?

Paperoak opml import

After implementing RSS import in Paperoak, OPML import is the feature requested the most by our users.

Good news is that we have released the beta version of OPML Import in Paperoak webapp. In this blog post, we will explain how you can import your OPML file into Paperoak and start reading from your favorite sources right away.

  1.  Sign in to Paperoak web with your Google account
  2.  Click on Import OPML from the side-nav, which will open a dialog box.
  3.  Select your OPML file from your device, click on Submit.
  4. Once submitted, all sources within the OPML file will be added to Paperoak and the system will initiate the crawl which will fetch the latest articles for each of those sources.
Import OPML to Paperoak
Import OPML to Paperoak demo


It might take a while to import all the sources to Paperoak. It is totally okay to close the dialog once the import has started. You can see all your imported sources in your sources section without much delay.

Hope you enjoy this new feature and please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Paperoak doesn’t support Collections (organize sources to groups) yet. So, even if you had organized your sources in collections in the OPML file, collections will not be created in Paperoak